Your health is real, why should your fitness provider be anything less?

REAL Professionals 

Believing you’re only as good as those with whom you surround yourself, Hoffacker Health & Fitness has created the ultimate professional strength and conditioning center. Each conditioning specialist participates in Hoffacker’s comprehensive, on-site certification, and is re-certified every six months. Our specialists benefit from ongoing education to ensure our clients have the most up-to-date, knowledgeable, and professional direction.

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At Hoffacker Health & Fitness, learning what you can expect from your conditioning regimen begins by understanding where you are, physically. The first step every client takes is to complete a thorough Health Assessment. This allows us to place you in the correct program according to your body’s current fitness level.


Private Environment

When you have a consultation with any other health professional, you meet in a private office. There aren’t others milling around while the doctor administers a physical…why should your strength and conditioning be any different? We provide personalized fitness within our private suites for an incomparable experience. Simply focused on you and your results.

Intimidated by big gyms?

No worries! Our private suites offer the ultimate level of privacy for our clients, eliminating any self-conscious feelings that may linger.

Waiting for equipment?

Stop waiting, get working! At Hoffacker, our private suites are each fully loaded with state-of-the-art fitness equipment specifically designed for our programs. Everything needed to advance your fitness and push your limits is at your fingertips. Our suites offer one-on-one privacy and access to the newest technology in fitness without the wait. No waiting for equipment. No wasted time. No distractions. Create YOUR customized environment and enjoy!

Overwhelmed with distractions?

You do not have all day to spend sweating it out in the gym, so we pride ourselves in offering a distraction free environment to make every minute count. Our one-on-one environment provides the highest level of engagement between the client and specialist. Once you can experience this concept, you’ll fully appreciate that it’s like renting an entire gym all to yourself for the length of your session.